Wise Anti Malware Removes Malicious Programs in Windows

Wise Anti Malware is a new anti-malware software that protects your PC against malicious programs and adware. It has three scanning modes to detect the malware infection and has tools to clean up garbage from the web browsers installed in your PC.

As you as you launch the program after the installation, it shows the status of protection – whether real-time scan is running, when was the last scan performed and when was the malware database was updated. If a new version of the update is available, it will be automatically downloaded. You can perform a quick checkup of your system security by clicking on the Checkup button.

Wise Anti Malware

Under the Malware Scanner tab, you are given three different scanning modes – quick scan, full scan and the custom scan. The quick scan is a time saver and quickly runs the scan on your PC to detect the malware hiding in most common places. The full scan performs a thorough scan of your system and leaves no stones unturned to find the malware lurking behind unusual places. And in the custom scan is you can choose which of the regions in your PC are to be scanned.

Wise Anti Malware

The System Cleaner tab has tools to clean find and clean the useless files spreading all over your hard disk drives. Basically it can clean the history and cache of all the popular web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. It can also remove the traces left behind in the Windows File Explorer and other Microsoft programs.

Wise Anti Malware

The Adware Cleaner section helps you scan the system for possible adware. It can find the pop-up advertisements and advertising shortcuts hiding in your PC. On our test PC it detected one adware file in the Windows start menu that was a shortcut link to a product website.

Wise Anti Malware

Conclusion: Wise Anti Malware provides some basic protection from malware. But it lacks many features that you can find in industry leaders like Avast or Kaspersky, for example, it cannot scan the web traffic and does not use the sandbox for suspicious programs.

You can download Wise Anti Malware from https://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html.

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  1. It’s worth noting that not only this is a beta, it is the most unstable security software I have ever used.

    Until the many bugs are fixed, it’s really not worth using.

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