Simplenote : Lightweight Note Taking App from Automattic

Everyone knows Automattic for their popular content management system WordPress that is powering millions of blogs and websites all over the world. And now they have another great offering to the world – Simplenote, a simple, light and easy-to-use note taking application. It is available for a number of platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. And just like WordPress, Simplenote is also completely free for everyone.

You have to create a Simplenote user account to start using the app. This account is required so that your notes can be uploaded to a free cloud. After this you would be able to sync your notes across a number of devices, share them with others and keep a backup of all of your notes.

No matter on which platform you use it, Simplenote shows the same interface. You will see a list of all of your notes as soon as you sign in using your Simplenote account. You can expand any of the notes and read them in full by clicking/tapping on them. You can select one or more of these notes and the option to delete them will appear in the smartphone app. In the desktop application the full body of the note is displayed on the right side as you select any of these notes from the list.


You can create a new note easily by clicking/tapping on the add new note icon. The first line of the note acts like a heading and is shown in larger font, the rest of the note is shown in smaller font and acts as the main body of the note. You can add tags to the notes so that you can search for them easily when you have hundreds of notes accumulated in your Simplenote account.

In the settings for the Simplenote, you can choose the theme from light or dark, you can change the fonts for the notes, you can add a PIN lock to protect your notes being accessed by someone else, change the sort order or sort method and more.


Conclusion: Simplenote is a free, fast and light note taking application with cloud support. It can sync your notes across all of your devices and helps you share your notes with others easily.

You can download Simplenote from