ApowerMirror : Mirror Android Screen on Windows PC

ApowerMirror is a software designed to work on Windows PC and can mirror your Android device screen on your desktop computer. You can also control your Android device using your keyboard and mouse. This is very useful if are doing something on your Android device that needs a lot of typing work. You can also enjoy playing Android games on your large desktop computer screen this way.

The software package for ApowerMirror comes with everything you need including the app for Android device. After you finish installing ApowerMirror in your Windows computer, you will be shown a small window with two options – connect your phone through WiFi or through a USB cable. The WiFi option requires that you install the ApowerMirror app in your Android device through the Google Plays store. The USB cable option does not need anything special except that you should enable USB debugging in your Android device.


As soon as the device is connected, you will see the Android device screen inside the ApowerMirror window. You can see use and control your Android device through the ApowerMirror window. It has convenient controls for taking a screenshot, recording the videos of your Android activity, switching to the full-screen mode, and drawing on your Android screen.ApowerMirror

In the full-screen mode, you can see the Android screen on your desktop PC without the distraction of any other windows showing up. Even the controls automatically hide to the right-side of the screen. This mode is great to play Android games on your computer screen.


ApowerMirror does not work with Android devices that are running on Android KitKat 4.4 or earlier versions. Some of the features of the software are disabled until you login using a free ApowerMirror account. More features are unlocked when you create a paid pro account with ApowerMirror. There seems to be trouble rotating the screen on your desktop screen even if you rotate the screen of the physical device.

You can download ApowerMirror from https://www.apowersoft.com/phone-mirror.