MirrorGo : Record and Mirror Android Screen on PC

Android devices make it very easy for you  to capture the screenshots of any screen. Usually there is a key combination of pressing the power key along with one of the volume keys in order to capture the screen and save it in form of a PNG image file. But the keys may not work on all the screens, for example, you cannot capture Android system power menus while pressing this key combination.

If you want more control over the screen capture in Android then you can use MirrorGo software. Not only it allows you to mirror the Android screen on your desktop PC screen, but it also allows you to full control the Android device using your Windows computer’s keyboard and mouse. The software is also capable of capturing the screenshots as image files and recording the Android screen activity into a video file.

MirrorGo allows you to connect to your Android device either through a USB 2.0 data cable or through a WiFi network. After the installation of MirrorGo software in your PC, you will be given both of these options. The first option (USB data cable) requires that you have enabled USB debugging in Android. The second option (WiFi) requires that you install the MirrorGo app in your Android device and connect it to the same WiFi network as your PC.


After the connection, MirrorGo apepars on your Windows PC screen and displays your Android screen inside a mobile phone look alike window. You can control your Android using your mouse and keyboard. It also shows a sidebar with a number of controls like taking screenshot, recording video, switching to full-screen, setting the keyboard hotkeys and more. In the settings for the MirrorGo software, you can change the video quality from low, medium, fine and superfine.


But one problem with the MirrorGo software is that it allows only 5 minutes of trial every week in the trial version of the software. After that it stops working unless you buy the license. Another similar software like ApowerMirror does not have any such limitation in the free version.

You can download MirrorGo software from https://drfone.wondershare.com/android-mirror.html.