Bloatware Remover : Remove Unwanted Apps from Android Smartphones

When you buy a new Android smartphone, you visit a showroom and check for specifications like screen size, processor, RAM, connectivity, sensors and so on. We also want to know which version of Android is installed on the phone, but very few of us take time to find how many unwanted apps are loaded on the phone. These unwanted apps, often called bloatware, are not really needed for the normal functioning of the smartphone and are only installed as a promotional offer. For example, some Android smartphones come with TouchPal keyboard app pre-installed but you have to pay for it and upgrade to the paid version if you want some extra features.

Fortunately, now you can get rid of all the bloatware using a new app – Bloatware Remover. This app requires that you have rooted your Android smartphone. You can find more about how to root Android smartphones from Remember that if you root your device, you void the warranty of your phone. If you have bought an expensive Android smartphone, it is better to live with bloatware than to void the warranty in my opinion.

Bloatware Remover shows a list of all the apps installed on your Android device divided into three categories – user apps, system apps and the disabled apps. You can remove the user installed apps without requiring root level access. In fact, you don’t really need Bloatware Remover for uninstalling user installed apps, you can remove them by going through the Android settings. But for removing system apps, you would need root access. But you have to be careful when removing any of the apps listed as system apps as removing an important app can make your Android device unbootable or it can cause some other malfunction.

There is no indication whether an installed app is bloatware or not and therefore you have to make your own judgment about the installed apps. For example, I consider TouchPal bloatware but others may find it useful and may not want to remove it. This is why it also makes sense to make a full backup of your phone before you remove any of the apps.

Bloatware Remover can get rid of any of the bloatware apps on your Android device whether they are installed as system apps or user apps. But as with all the root access apps, you have to practice extreme caution when using Bloatware Remover.

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