How to Quickly Find User Installed Apps in Android

In your Android device, some apps are installed within a special system folder and have said to be system apps. These apps cannot be removed by users. Many manufacturers install some of the apps as system apps so that the end users cannot remove them. In order to remove the system apps, you must have root access. In other words, you must have a rooted Android smartphone before you can remove the system apps.

Other types of apps that you can install on your Android smartphone are the user apps. These user apps are installed with limited access and can be removed by the user. Some manufacturers pre-install some of the apps as user apps so that you can remove them from your device if you want.

Usually, you need an app like Bloatware Remover or System App Remover in order to find which of the apps are installed as user apps and which of them are the system apps. Both of these (Bloatware Remover and System App Remover) need your device to be rooted. But in Android Nougat and Oreo, you can quickly find the user apps installed on your Android device in a few seconds.

Find User Apps in Android

All you have to do is launch the app drawer in Android and tap on the small bin icon near the top-right corner of the screen. As soon as you tap on this icon, you will see the various apps have their icons superimposed with a small cross. These all are the shortcuts  belonging to the user apps. You can tap on these shortcuts with a small cross on them once in order to uninstall them from your Android device.

There is no other method faster than this to find out whether an app is installed as user app or as system app. You can quickly get rid of bloatware from your new Android device using this quick method.