Elementary OS : Free and Fast Operating System for Desktop PC

If the latest update for Windows 10 is making your computer slow, then it is time to install a second operating system on your PC. You can either choose a popular Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Mint, but if you want a really fast operating system then Elementary OS is a good choice.

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu Linux but is much faster and aesthetically much more pleasing. This operating system is designed in a way that you can focus on working on your computer rather than wasting time in configuring various things. It removes all the programs and apps that a regular user perhaps won’t need when using the computing in everyday life.

Dual boot installation

You can install Elementary OS as the only operating system on your hard drive and it will take over the entire hard drive. But for a long time Windows users, this is perhaps not a good idea to install only Elementary OS. Instead you can install Elementary OS along with Windows in the dual boot configuration, so that you can boot into Windows 10 when needed.

Elementary OS

Ideal Linux for Virtual Box

Elementary OS can also be installed in a virtual machine inside Windows using the Virtual Box software. It works great from within Virtual Box because it is designed to work fast. If you have at least 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard drive, then you can use Elementary OS inside Windows. This is a great way to keep everything secure when you are going to carry out online money transactions or do some online shopping and so on.

Packed with necessary applications

The operating system comes with many of the useful default applications that can do almost everything for everyday computing – word processors, web browsers, email clients, video players, music players and more. Moreover it comes with a Software Center using which you can download and install many more applications in your computer.


Elementary OS is a great operating system for the older computers, as a second operating system in your Windows PC and for using in Virtual Box for carrying out secure transactions from within Windows. It is lightweight, fast and aesthetically pleasing operating system.

You can download Elementary OS ISO images from https://elementary.io/.


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