Eye Saver Protects Eyes of Windows PC Users

Eye Saver is a software designed to keep your eyes healthy when working in front of your Windows PC for long hours. It can decrease the brightness and change the color of your PC screen to reduce the stress on your eyes. It can also add some effects to your screen, for example, it can invert the colors of your screen or make it grayscale. And if you often spend many hours in front of your computer screen, it can force you to take regular breaks to relax your eyes and keep them healthier.

Five screen modes

Eye Saver comes with five different modes that can be set manually by the user. These modes include health, movie, hacker and two reading modes. By default, Eye Saver enables the health mode to protect your eyes that filters the harmful blue light in your screen. But you can switch to movie mode when watching videos on your screen. The reading modes are great when you are reading news or ebooks. The hacker mode is purely for making your PC have a geeky look.

Eye Saver

Break timer

It reminds the user to take regular breaks from working in front of your PC. By default it is set to remind you every hour, but you can customize it. Apart from reminding you of taking breaks, it also informs you various ways to maintain good health while working in front of your PC screen. You can set the break timer by right-clicking on the Eye Saver icon in the notification area.

Eye Saver

Eye Saver versus f.lux

There is another popular blue light filtering software f.lux that also provides different screen modes to protect your eyes. f.lux can automatically adjust your screen brightness and temperature based on the time of day in your location – Eye Saver does not offer this feature. But at the same time Eye Saver maintains the same mode setting even after system reboot which is a feature you cannot find in f.lux.


Eye Saver can reduce the brightness of your screen and block the blue light to reduce the stress on your eyes. Using this software in your PC can help you have healthy eyes if you follow the advice it displays on your screen.

You can download Eye Saver from http://www.eye-saver.net/.