How to Create Printable PDF Calendar for Any Year

There are a few things that everyone must have on their desk at work and a calendar is one of them. You can buy a beautiful calendar to be placed on your desk but not all of these calendars have a list of holidays for a particular state or country. Fortunately, you can just go online and download the calendars for any year that are designed for a specific state or country. These calendars are available as PDF files that can be printed from any standard printer on a standard A4 or Letter size paper.

One of the most popular websites from where you can download these customized calendars is You can start creating your own calendar by visiting The website will automatically detect your location base don your IP address and will auto-select the country and state fields. But you can choose any country and state for the calendar. You can also pick the year for which the calendar is to be printed.

PDF Calendar

For each year that you pick, you can also choose the holidays or other observations that are specific to the country or region that you have selected. In addition, you can also add your own events to personalize the calendar. For example, you can add your birthday or wedding anniversary on the calendar. The calendar can be for the entire year on a single page, one month on each page, or one week on a page.

PDF Calendar

The calendar can be created in a number of languages and you can choose the paper size for the calendar, for example, you can choose the calendar to be printed on an A4 or Letter size paper. And finally by clicking on the Download PDF Calendar button you would be able to download the PDF file to your computer and print it on your printer.