How to Find SIM Number ICCID in Android Smartphone

Every mobile phone must have a SIM card inside it before you can make calls and have your own mobile number. Without the SIM card, your phone is as good as a brick in the wall of your house. Everyone knows their own mobile number, but not many people know the SIM number or ICCID number for their SIM card. This unique SIM number (ICCID) is usually 20 characters long and is stored inside the memory chip of the SIM card itself. If you did not write down the SIM number when you first bought the SIM card, then you may not be able to find this information without having to pay a visit to the mobile service provider’s office.

But if you have an Android smartphone, then you can easily find this information along with many more details using an app called SIM Card Info. This app does not require any special privileges and simply reads all the information from the SIM card that you have inserted in one of the slots of your smartphone.

The app shows three categories of information – SIM, Network and Device. Under the SIM category, you can see the status of SIM, mobile phone number, voicemail number, ICCID number (SIM number), IMSI number (subscriber number useful specially for data cards), mobile service provider’s name, operator code and the country where the SIM card was issued.

Find SIM Number (ICCID) in Android

Under the Network category, you can find whether airplane mode is active, whether the roaming mode is active (in roaming mode you pay extra for making calls), network type (HSPA, LTE etc), operator name, operator code and the country name where this network is being accessed.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any option to save all this information in form of a TXT or PDF file. But you can always snap a screenshot and upload the screenshot image file to your Google cloud storage for the times when you might need this information.

You can download the SIM Card Info app from