Auto Recycle Bin : Make Recycle Bin Smarter in Windows

Recycle Bin was a very innovative approach towards deleting the files when Windows 95  was first released a long long time ago. Now the Recycle Bin icon has become a familiar feature of Windows desktop and everyone knows that they can recover the deleted files from this Recycle Bin. Since the days of Windows 95, Microsoft has improved the way Recycle Bin works in Windows. For example, starting from Windows 8, you can make deleting the files completely silent and stop Windows from asking you whether you want to send the files to Recycle Bin.

But if you want to make Recycle Bin work even better then you can use the free Auto Recycle Bin. This freeware can customize the way Recycle Bin works in Windows to improve the overall productivity. Auto Recycle Bin can automatically empty the contents of the Recycle Bin at pre-specified times. In the settings for the Auto Recycle Bin, you can set it to manually remove the contents, to empty the contents of Recycle Bin at Windows startup or to remove it periodically in the background.

Auto Recycle Bin

For all of the partitions in the systems that are recognized by Windows, you can set the maximum size of the Recycle Bin and the number of days for which the files are kept in the Recycle Bin. You can specify the maximum size of the Recycle bin in terms of a percentage of the total free disk space on a selected partition, or you can specify the maximum size manually.

Auto Recycle Bin

Auto Recycle Bin is very useful for notebook computers that have a limited storage space. It can automatically empty the Recycle Bin in Windows making more free space available for other programs. It also allows you to set the Recycle Bin size to a percentage of the free disk space – something not allowed by Windows itself.

You can download Auto Recycle Bin from