How to Quickly Install Essential Software on a New Windows PC

After you buy a new Windows computer, you start to customize it for your personal use. You proceed by installing your favorite software, changing the settings and copying your files to the hard drive. But installing all the essential software (like a simple image editor, a good antivirus, web browsers, media players and so on) on a new Windows PC can take a long time and can make you tired. If you want to save your time and make your life easy, then you can use Patch My PC to install all the essential software on your Windows PC.

Patch My PC is a portable program that can be used to install new software on your Windows PC as well as update the existing software. The downloaded program is only 1.7 MB in size and can be used without installing it. As you launch Patch My PC, it scans your system for any installed software and whether an update for these is available. If it finds updates for already installed software, it gives you an option to download and install the update.

Patch My PC

Apart from updating the already installed software, you can also use Patch My PC for installing new software. You can select programs that you want to install on your Windows PC from a long list given under the Apps section. There are so many categories under which these programs are divided – plugins & runtimes, web browsers, multimedia, file archivers, utilities, hardware tools, documents, media tools, messaging, developer, Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes, sharing (P2P), graphics, security, gaming, miscellaneous and more.

Patch My PC is great for new Windows computers as it allows you to quickly download and install all the essential software in just a few clicks. It can also help you stay updated and secure by updating the already installed software if it is possible.

You can download Patch My PC from