Listen to UberStations and SHOUTcast Radio Stations in Android

All the Android smartphones come with FM radio built inside. Some of the lesser-known companies are also manufacturing Android smartphones that have TV tuner chips so that you can watch free-to-air TV channels on your smartphone. Typically, you have to connect your headset to your smartphone and then FM radio can tune up to your radio stations in your local area.

But using the FM tuning chip built inside the smartphone, you can listen to only the radio stations available in your city. If you want to listen to all the radio stations being broadcast in different cities all over the world, then you have to find them in either the UberStations or the SHOUTcast radio directories.

UberStations and SHOUTcast are the two most popular online radio station directories where you can find thousands of radio stations. Some of these radio stations are available online only but many of them are large FM or AM radio stations that are being streamed online.


On your Android smartphone, you can use the xiialive app to tune in to both the UberStations or the SHOUTcast radio stations. By default the xiialive app tunes only to the UberStations radio stations. But you can tap on the Directories button and pick from either the UberStations or the SHOUTcast radio directories.

If you do not want to use the xiialive app for some reason, there are many other apps available for you. One of such apps is Radiogram and we have already posted about it before. This app is gaining a lot of popularity as it does not display any advertisements, has a very clean and professional interface, and supports both the UberStations as well as SHOUTcast. You can also add a custom radio station URL if you want.

You can get the xiialive app for Android for listening to SHOUTcast or UberStation stations from