LiquidSky : Cloud Gaming for Windows, Android and Mac

No matter how much money you spend on building a gaming rig for yourself, it will become obsolete in a couple of years. Then you won’t be able to play the latest games in the full HD mode on your old gaming rig. The only options for you will be to either upgrade your system hardware or invest in a fresh new gaming system. But you can skip the never-ending cycle by using the cloud gaming concept by LiquidSky.

Works on all devices

LiquidSky is a powerful cloud gaming service using which anybody can play very high-end games on computers with very low specs. You can even play them on your mobile devices. LiquidSky hosts all the games on their very powerful servers equipped with the latest graphics cards and tons of RAM. You can then connect to their servers and enjoy playing these games without any problem. It is like connecting your computer’s screen, speakers and input devices to their gaming systems over the internet – all of the processing is done in the cloud and the video, audio, input signals etc are transferred between your device and the cloud.

LiquidSky Cloud Gaming

Affordable pricing

LiquidSky is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. You can download and install their client software on your devices, set up an account and pay the $9.99 to get 25 hours of gameplay. There is also a monthly payment plan where you pay $19.99 per month to get 80 hours of gameplay and many more features. Both of these are starter plans and can be modified to suit your gaming needs at an additional cost.

Works on low-spec devices

As far as the minimum requirements are concerned, any Windows PC, Mac computer or Android smartphone bought in last two years should qualify. LiquidSky stresses more about a good quality internet connection with minimum 5Mb/s connection and if you are using WiFi, then they strongly suggest to use a 5MHz router.

Easy installation of games

One of the obvious questions for a cloud gaming service is how do you install the games? LiquidSky does not offer any pre-installed games, you have to install your own games. But they make everything very easy. You can connect your Steam account and download/install your favorite games in the cloud. They support all the popular game storefronts so you won’t have any problem installing your favorite games. And you can also ask the support to help you through the steps.

So if you want to play the latest high-end game in your cheap notebook computer, you can always rely on LiquidSky. You can find more information along with all the download links at

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