DeviceTool : Manage Devices Remotely on Windows

We all have used Device Manager in Windows to check whether devices are working properly, whether they have all the drivers installed, if there is any problem with the devices or peripherals, in order to install new device drivers or update them and to enable or disable some of the devices. But Device Manager for Windows works only for the PC on which you are running it. If you want to manage various devices on a remote PC, then you can use a free third-party software called DeviceTool.

DeviceTool is a device manager for administrators who would want to manage devices on remote Windows computers. It is exactly like device manager, only it can access the remote computers and allows you to enable or disable their devices through a familiar interface.

It is a portable tool and you can launch it without installing it on your Windows PC. The download package comes without a utility called PsExec which must be downloaded and extracted in the same folder as the DeviceTool. Without PsExec, it will not be able to connect to remote computers. You can download PsExec from Microsoft’s website at


DeviceTool has the familiar Device Manager interface, works for the local computer and allows you to view and enable or disable various devices. If you want to connect to a remote PC, then you can select Action → Connect to another computer from the menubar and then specify the remote computer name on the LAN.


Even though DeviceTool has remote access features that are not supported even by Microsoft’s Device Manager, it does not offer all the features that you will find in the Device Manager. For example, DeviceTool does not allow you to install or update device drivers. It cannot display advanced device-specific properties for some of the devices. But without all these advanced features, DeviceTool works a little faster and perhaps this is all some admins need.

You can download DeviceTool from

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