Manage Apps Running in Android with 1Tap Task Killer

A long time ago, we posted about the Zapper Task Killer – a wonderful task manager app for Android created by Lookout Security. But unfortunately, Zapper Task Killer has been discontinued since then. You can no longer find Zapper Task Killer on Google Play store. If you want to use a similar tool on your Android phone then you can use the 1Tap Task Killer app.

1Tap Task Killer is nothing like the Zapper Task Killer in terms of the user interface, but it does provide similar features. It displays the amount of RAM available in your device and there is an Optimize button tapping on which it will close the background processes to free up the RAM and other system resources. Since closing the apps also improves the battery performance, it also displays how much longer the battery will last for the current state of the device.

1Tap Task Killer

From under the Tasks section, you can find all the apps and other background processes. You can select all the apps that you want to close and then tap on the Kill Selected Apps to kill all of these apps. You can also set it to auto-kill the apps repeatedly after a certain time period. This ensures that your Android device always keeps running at optimal performance without getting hogged by all of those background processes.

1Tap Task Killer

In the settings for the 1Tap Task Killer, you will find an interesting setting – shake optimize. If you enable this setting, then you can just shake your Android phone to make 1Tap Task Killer automatically optimize your phone which basically kills the tasks in the background, frees up the RAM and makes the battery last longer than usual. But this will work only of your device has an accelerometer sensor inside it. You can find if your phone has accelerometer sensor using the CPU-Z app for Android.

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