VoiceMeeter : Virtual Audio Mixer for Windows

Back in late 1990s when the webcams first became popular, many people were creating personal webpages solely for hosting their webcams so that everyone can view them. I faintly remember reading an article about setting up webcams and putting them online on webpages in an old PCWorld magazine issue of sometime around 1999. Times have really changed since then – now almost everyone can stream their webcam online using a number of free streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, YouNow, Skype etc.

One of the problems broadcasters often come across is the mixing of the audio streams. For example, when they want to play music in their computer, talk through a microphone and mix both of these audio streams to be broadcasted over the live streams. You can tinker around Windows Audio settings a little to make it work. But an easier and feature rich option is to use the free VoiceMeeter software.


VoiceMeeter looks very much like the professional sound mixer panel used by the music studios – you can see all the slider controls for controlling the volumes for various inputs and outputs. You can attach a number of input audio streams both the physical hardware input streams, virtual input streams and mix them together as you like and then receive the output either at a number of physical hardware output points or through virtual output streams.

VoiceMeeter supports ASIO drivers for both the input and output. You can have three inputs in total (two physical and one virtual) and three outputs in total (two physical and one virtual). There are not many sound effects that you can apply, but you can control the output of various inputs using a number of filters like the peak limiter, stereo changer, muter, and many more.

So if you want to play music on your PC, play computer games, talk on your microphone at the same time and broadcast all of these audio streams over the live-streaming services like Twitch, you will find VoiceMeeter very helpful.

You can download VoiceMeeter from https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/index.htm