MiniDOOM : Side-Scrolling Remake of Classic DOOM Game

DOOM might look very plain and boring now when everyone is busy playing Fortnite on their computers and consoles. But in 1994, DOOM was all the PC gamers were talking about. It had the latest 3D look and provided the gamers with hours of non-stop fun. Four installments in the DOOM series have been released so far – DOOM 1 in 1993, DOOM 2 in 1994, DOOM 3 in 2004 and DOOM 4 in 2016. All these installments have a 3D look and this is the main reason why DOOM became so popular.

But now some fans have come up with MiniDOOM – a side-scroller remake of the classic DOOM. Side-scroller games (or 2D games) were popular before 1993. In these games, the character moves from left-to-right or from bottom-to-top on your screen. In MiniDOOM too the popular protagonist is moving from the left of your screen to the right. In his way, he finds all kinds of enemies and obstacles.


There are two versions of MiniDOOM available as of today (14th March 2018) – MiniDOOM 1 and MiniDOOM 2. In MiniDOOM 2, there are 17 new game levels, 4 game modes, 14 weapons and 5 levels of difficulty. The game also has 40+ minutes of classic music reminiscing the background music of 1980s side-scroller games. The first level is structured like a tutorial and explains how the keys work to play the game.


The game is available only for Windows and does not require any installation. You can just download the ZIP archive, extract it to a folder and launch MiniDoom executable. You will instantly find yourself in the middle of classic DOOM experience all over again. You can control the game character using your keyboard or using your gamepad. The developers of the MiniDOOM game mention that they have even added the cheat codes that existed in the original DOOM. So basically, you can enter IDKFA to get everything and IDDQD to get the God mode.

You can download MiniDOOM, the side-scroller remake of the classic DOOM game from