Multiple Reboot Scheduler : Optimize Boot Time for Windows

Windows comes with an in-built boot optimization feature that can take a few steps to help your Windows PC boot faster. But for this feature to work, you PC must shutdown and boot again many times. Windows uses the data collected during these boots to optimize your Windows PC. Usually, Windows uses this feature on its own and you do not have to take any steps by yourself. But you can force Windows to use this feature by using a free tool Multiple Reboot Scheduler.

This small tool can make your PC reboot multiple times in sequence. As soon as your PC boots in Windows, it is forced to reboot again. Forcing Windows to reboot again and again so many times can trigger the operating system to initiate the boot optimization feature that comes built-inside Windows itself.

Multiple Reboot Scheduler is a portable tool and works without having to install it on a Windows PC. The tool has a very clean and an easy-to-follow interface. The tool has two options that you can customize – the number of times you want to reboot your PC and the delay time between each of these reboots. After picking these two options, you can click on the Start Operation button and it will go to work right away.

Multiple Reboot Scheduler

But you can also optionally choose to defrag the hard drive and process all the idle tasks running in the background before the multiple reboot operation is started. The software also comes with several other helpful tools like a backup tool for Windows 10 desktop icons layout and a tool to enable automatic login to any user in Windows that you want.

You can download Multiple Reboot Scheduler from