Simpliclean : Cleans Junk and Makes Windows Faster

Have you noticed that it took less than a minute for you to boot into Windows and see the desktop screen when you started your PC for first few times. But as you start using your computer everyday, it becomes loaded with all kinds of files that are left behind by different programs. As a result, after six months to a year of regular use, your Windows PC won’t be as fast as a new PC anymore. You can find and delete these junk files using a free software called Simpliclean.

Simpliclean is a software suite containing a number of tools to remove the junk files from your Windows PC as well as fine tune and optimize it to make it perform faster than before. The user interface of Simpliclean is very appealing to the eyes and gives you all the details as you hover your mouse pointer over all the different items.

Simpliclean is configured to run the automatic optimization as soon as you launch it. It starts to scan your PC and detect the unnecessary files on your hard drives, and whether your system performance will improve through certain optimizations. A summary is displayed on the main screen about the results. For example, it can show you whether your system performance can be improved by changing a few power settings or whether your system will work better after some obsolete entries from the registry are removed and so on.


Scanning might take a few minutes and cleaning may take even longer, but everything is done so easily through the Simpliclean interface that all this is easy for all Windows users. The software interface is actually designed to accommodate two more programs from the same developers – Simplifast and Simplisafe.

Compared to Clean Master or CCleaner, the user interface of Simpliclean looks a little bloated but some users may find it much more appealing. Simpliclean is not available in a portable program form and must be installed on your PC.

You can download Simpliclean from