How to Clean SoundCloud Music Cache to Improve Performance

These days when it comes to music, younger generations are going for two apps – Spotify and SoundCloud. Spotify is not available everywhere in the world, but allows you to listen to all the possible music in the world. SoundCloud is more popular among the new and budding artists who can upload their music and share it with the rest of the world. It is a great way to expose your musical or vocal talents with the rest of the world. Many artists like Sofi Tukker have successfully used SoundCloud to attract listeners and have become famous.

SoundCloud is available for all the platforms including a web app version that can be used on any device where you can launch a web browser. If you are using the Android version of the SoundCloud app, then you might find that the cache accumulated by continued use of the app is making your phone slow. In order to keep your phone working optimally with the SoundCloud app, you can clean the SoundCloud music cache and here is how you can do it:

  1. Launch SoundCloud app and tap on the hamburger icon to pull down the menu.
  2. From the app menu select Basic Settings.SoundCloud Clean Cache
  3. On the basic settings screen, tap on Clear application cache to proceed and clear all the cache accumulated by the regular use of the SoundCloud app.
  4. You will see a toast notification informing you that the application cache has been cleared.SoundCloud Clean Cache

You can also clean the cache for SoundCloud app from withing the Android settings, but the above mentioned method is easier and very straightforward. Another easier method is to use apps like CleanMaster or Avast Cleanup to keep your Android device clean and running at peak performance. But cleaning the application cache for SoundCloud does not guarantee that your Android device will now run faster. There could be other reasons that could be making it slow.