Wise AD Cleaner : Removes and Blocks Adware from Windows

Wise AD Cleaner is a new software that can remove adware from your Windows PC. Adware is the name given to some of the programs and components responsible for displaying advertisements or popups in your PC. The software can also block any popups that are displayed because of various toolbars and other unwanted software.

It can scan your system for unwanted software that can display ads, toolbars, desktop shortcuts, and other components that have the ability to show ads in your system. After the installation, you can launch Wise AD Cleaner and click on the Scan button to start the scanning. It will find and list all the components that are known to show intrusive ads in your system. For each of these culprits, it suggests some actions like deletion or fixing them. For example, if the homepage has been changed by an adware then it suggests that you fix it. Similarly, it can fix the search engine settings for your web browsers. Clicking on the Fix button will carry out all the selected actions and get rid of the adware.

Wise AD Cleaner

It monitors your system for background processes that could be displaying these ads in your system. It can block the popup windows and the offending processes. You can even right-click on the Wise AD Cleaner icon from the notification area icon and select the options Capture Window or Pick Program to select a popup window or a program responsible for displaying the ads. It will block them instantly. This is very useful if you are getting unwanted popup windows and you want them blocked.

Wise AD Cleaner

Wise AD Cleaner can clean and block adware from your Windows PC. Not only it can scan your system for adware, but it can continuously monitor your PC for popups and adware running in the background to prevent re-infection.

You can download Wise AD Cleaner from https://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html.