Amazon Storywriter Helps You Write Better Movie Scripts

One time when I was listening to NPR a few years ago, I chanced upon an interesting discussion about how many thousands of movie scripts are received by different movie studios every month and how only a few of them are considered. They even picked a few of the screenplays to read on the radio to show how ridiculous they were. The show concluded with the advice on how a newbie can improve writing skills and how they can submit them to be considered for movie production.

Fortunately, times have changed – writing screenplays for movies has become a tad easier as Amazon has come up with a very useful tool called Amazon Storywriter. It can be used by all the screenwriters to write a movie script from the scratch, edit as they proceed, and finally submit it to Amazon Studios to be considered for movie production. It comes with all the tools to make writing the scrips easier and automatically formats as you proceed with your story.

Amazon Storywriter

You can not only create a new script, but you can also import a script from almost any kind of document file type including PDF files. Similarly, you can export the scripts to different file types like PDF, FDX, and Fountain. When you have finished the script, you can share it with other people (editors, agents, friends etc) or submit it to Amazon Studios for consideration.

Amazon Storywriter

Amazon Storywriter has made it possible for talented people all over the world to use their writing skills and write movie scripts from the comfort of their home. Amazon is also offering a Chrome web browser extension that can save the writing in the browser even when you are offline and sync it with your Amazon account whenever you go online.

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