Color Warlock : Create Your Own Color Charts

I had downloaded an HTML color-code chart in the JPEG image format a long time ago (perhaps in 2008) and I always keep it on the hard drive so that I can lookup the color-codes quickly whenever I need them. This is really helpful when you are making some changes to your website or blog and do not want to search for the color-codes on the gigantic websites or use one of those slow-loading graphics editors for these tiny tasks.

Thanks to a free software called Color Warlock, now you do not have to download these HTML color code charts from the internet. Rather you can create your own color charts on your own PC at the click of a button. Color Warlock shows a list of colors as you launch the program. These colors are displayed in small boxes of respective colors, along with the respective RGB color codes and the hex color codes (also called the HTML color codes).

By default, it displays only one column of the colors. But you can use the hotkeys Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 and Ctrl+5 to display the colors arranged in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 columns. Whenever you want to copy the color code, all you have to do is click on the color box and its code will be copied to the clipboard.

Color Warlock

The software comes with a bunch of built-in charts that you can select from the menubar by picking ChartsBuilt-in and selecting one of the presets. The built-in charts include all known colors, non-system colors, system colors, MS Office colors, and web-safe colors. Furthermore, you can also create your own charts by selecting File Chart Builder – New from the menubar. This will launch a chart builder where you can manually add all the colors and give a name to the chart.

Color Warlock

Color Warlock is a small and very useful program for web developers and graphic designers. In fact, anyone who has to know the hex color code will find Color Warlock indispensable.

You can download Color Warlock from