Auto Screen Capture: Takes Screenshots at Regular Intervals

Most of the time when you want to manually capture the screenshot of some activity, it works out just fine. But when you are trying to manually capture something that disappears real fast, then you can miss the moment and end up having a screenshot that does not capture what you really wanted in the first place. If you do not want to miss the opportunity of capturing the screenshot of some fast disappearing object on your screen, you can use the free Auto Screen Capture.

Auto Screen Capture is an open-source software that keeps taking the screenshots of your PC screen at regular intervals. Through these screenshots, you can find out what was happening in your PC at point of time in the past. Of course, you can also use this program for a number of other reasons, for example, to capture the screenshots of your screen at various stages of playing a computer game so that you know how you proceeded through all the levels.

Auto Screen Capture

Auto Screen Capture is available in the portable application format and when you launch it, it sticks an icon in the system tray of Windows desktop. You can configure the frequency of screenshots from the main window. It keeps running in the background and by default captures your screen every minute. You can set it to capture the screenshots at specified intervals, with a certain level of resolution, and you can also set the JPEG picture quality. The program supports capturing not only the visible desktop, but also all the four virtual desktops in Windows 10.

Auto Screen Capture

In the options for the Auto Screen Capture, you can make it display the main window every time you launch the program, auto-close the window when it starts to capture the screen, auto-open the window after the capture is complete, display the slide-show of the captured screenshots once all the capture is finished and more.

Conclusion: Auto Screen Capture is a great application when you want to keep capturing your PC screen repeatedly after a fixed time interval. It supports capture from virtual desktops in Windows 10 and can auto-stop capturing after a certain limit is done.

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