How to Revoke Access of Third Party Apps in Spotify

Spotify is a very popular digital music service that gives you the comfort of listening to millions of songs on almost all the popular platforms – Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac and so on. They also have a web app which means that you can enjoy listening to your Spotify playlists in any web browser that supports DRM protected content (like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). Furthermore, there are dozens of third-party apps and clients that can play Spotify content from your Spotify account.

The way these third-party apps, clients and web services work is that you have to authorize them to access your Spotify account. If at any time later, you want to revoke the access of these third-party apps from accessing your Spotify account then you can do so from the Spotify account settings. Here is how:

  1. Visit Spotify website in your web browser and sign in to your Spotify account.
  2. Once you have signed in, you can click on the Profile and select Account from the top-right corner.Spotify Revoke Access of Apps
  3. From the accounts screen, select Apps from the left-side panel.
  4. You will see all the apps that you have authorized to access your Spotify account. You can click on the Revoke Access displayed next to any app to revoke its access.Spotify Revoke Access of Apps
  5. You will see a message that the access of the selected app has been revoked.Spotify Revoke Access of Apps

You can repeat the same steps for revoking the access of any apps or clients from your Spotify account. If at any time later, you want to reinstate the access, then you will have to try signing in to your Spotify account from the app or client or web extension as the case may be, reauthorize the app and the access will be once again added in your Spotify account. You can confirm the access from your Spotify account “Apps” section.