Connect Opera Browser for Desktop and Opera Touch for Mobile Using Flow

Opera had introduced Opera Neon web browser many months ago as a fun project and did not offer any updates to it. Now they have released Opera Touch – one more web browser from Opera designed only for mobile devices. At present Opera Touch is available only for Android, but a version for iOS is also promised.

Opera Touch offers a new feature called Flow that allows you to share different things between your mobile devices and desktop PC. For the Flow feature to work, you must connect the Opera Touch installed in your smartphone to the Opera web browser installed in your PC. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Install Opera Touch in Android device/iPhone and launch it. From the settings, choose to Connect to Computer. On the next screen, tap on Scan QR code.Opera Touch Flow
  2. Install the latest version of Opera web browser in your desktop computer. Click on the Flow icon on the sidebar (it looks like a paper plane) and then click on Connect your phone.Opera Touch Flow
  3. Scan the QR code displayed in the desktop version of Opera browser using your smartphone. Now your Opera Touch in your mobile will be connected with the Opera browser in your desktop computer.

Now you can browse any webpage in either of the devices using Opera browser and tap on the small Flow icon in the address bar. The link will be quickly sent to all the connected devices. You can also send and receive other objects like images, videos, and other things.

Opera Touch Flow

In the Opera for desktop, you will see the notifications of the received links and other objects in the sidebar. You can click on the Flow icon to see all such notifications. While in your smartphone, you will see the notifications appear in the usual manner and you can tap on them to launch Opera Touch in order to access them.

Opera Touch Flow

Flow uses an encrypted connection and is a very secure way of sharing your links to your own devices. This is very useful when you want to watch a video on the large screen of your desktop computer, or you want to print something but your printer is connected only to your PC.

You can get Opera Touch from and Opera Desktop from