Disable Chrome Browser from Reporting System Details to Google

Google Chrome web browser can now be called the most secure web browser of the world as it now scans your system for harmful software. For this, Chrome web browser uses technology designed by ESET (known for their popular antivirus software). In fact, Google has made a very good choice as at this point in time there are only two paid antivirus software vendors that provide thorough protection from malware – one is Bitdefender and other is ESET. According to the Google blog, this feature was added in the Chrome web browser to protect the users from malicious attacks and viruses in the system.

We have already posted about how you can manually scan your computer using this feature in the Chrome web browser – how to scan computer for malware using Google Chrome. According to some resources, Chrome does not scan your entire computer for malware but only a few places. In fact, it scans only with the user level access and not using the system administrator level access.

To scan the local files, Google Chrome uses the ESET antivirus engine and data related to the location of various threats is sent to the Google servers (perhaps located in California, US). Interestingly, this procedure can be dispensed with in the Chrome settings. Here is how:

  1. Launch Chrome web browser. Enter chrome://settings/cleanup in the Chrome address bar.
  2. Click on the flip button next to the “Report details to Google” and turn it off.Chrome Scan for Harmful Software
  3. That’s it, Chrome won’t sent the collected data to Google servers.

Even though this option is available in the Chrome web browser and of course, you can use it to avoid Chrome from sending the data to Google servers, we suggest that you leave this option turned on. The reason is that Google can use this data to improve the security and add more features to the future versions of the Chrome web browser.