How to Clean History of Individual Sites in Opera Browser

Opera web browser has come a long way since the late 90s when rarely anybody used it and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer ruled the world. Now it is ultra fast, secure and feature loaded web browser that can be used for anything you want in your Windows PC, Linux machine or Mac. There are mobile versions also available that work efficiently on Android and iPhone. For some reason, Opera also covers slow and older devices by offering special lite versions of the web browser that do not hog up the system resources.

The modern desktop versions of the Opera web browser are based on the Chromium project and uses the same web rendering engine as the Google Chrome web browser. This is why Opera is almost as fast as the Chrome web browser. Personally, I use Chrome for everyday activity and Opera for online shopping, online banking and other secure online transactions. This way I can keep everyday web browsing separate from other things. After every such secure online access to financial websites, I clean up the history of those specific websites. You can also clean the history belonging to individual websites instead of the entire history in Opera easily:

  1. Launch Opera web browser.
  2. Press Ctrl+H hotkey to open your web browsing history.
  3. Type in the domain name for which you want to clear the history in the search box.Opera Clean Individual Websites from History
  4. Hover your mouse pointer over a website in the history and click on the cross icon that appears towards the right to remove it from the history.
  5. After this, all the data belonging to that domain is removed from Opera web browser.

If the said website uses third party web services (such as trackers, comment systems, banners etc) then the data belonging to those domains is not removed. For removing everything, you will have to repeat the above steps and remove the history for all the domains linked from the website in question.