Enjoy Classic C-Dogs Overhead Fun Game in Windows 10

Back in the 90’s, they made so many fun games that people enjoyed for hours and hours every day. Even the modern games that are rich in graphics and animation cannot beat the old school games in some instances. For example, games like Sin, Unreal Tournament, Blood have reached a level of perfection that not even the modern games can dream of achieving. One of the old school games called C-Dogs was also very popular in the 90s. It was run in the MS-DOS environment until the developer, Ronny Wester, decided to release its Pascal source code. This led to the porting of the source code to the SDL library meaning that now the C-Dogs can be run on Windows and Linux both for free.

You can download the setup installer of C-Dogs for Linux or Windows from the Github age of C-Dogs SDL. The game keeps its original look and might be able to induce some nostalgia if your grew up in the 90s. The game involves you taking your character on missions which usually involve shooting anything around using a variety of weapons that can be bought before missions. The game has quick-play mode as well as campaign modes. There are six different campaigns that the game comes with. But it comes with an editor that allows you to create your own C-Dogs campaigns.

C-Dogs SDL

You can enjoy playing single player games, or you can invite your friends and play with them. The game supports upto 4 players that can play co-op and deathmatch campaigns. You can even customize your player, choose from a number of different weapons and blast, slide and slash your way through over 100 user-created campaigns. The game starts in the windowed mode but you can play it in the full-screen mode as well by making a few changes in the game settings.

C-Dogs SDL maintains the original gameplay and graphics to bring you the same fun as you enjoyed back in the 90s. It runs in Windows 10 and Ubuntu, so you can enjoy in your modern computer without any problem.

You can download C-Dogs SDL from https://cxong.github.io/cdogs-sdl/.