How to Hide Hateful Comments on Instagram

Trolls and haters are everywhere on the internet. They seek some sort of deviant pleasure in harassing others and causing insufferable pain to the innocent people by posting inappropriate comments. Like all the other social networks, Instagram is also infested by these hateful trolls. They appear to target the most innocent looking people like high school kids and post nefarious comments on their Instagram posts.

Well, there is a way to hide all the comments that contain inappropriate or hateful words. You can change Instagram settings for your account to enforce the policy of hiding such comments. Here is how :

  1. Open Instagram web app ( in the web browser of your desktop or laptop computer. The reason why we use web browser is because it is much more easier to change settings from there.
  2. Sign-in to your Instagram account and click on the profile logo, then click on the settings (cogwheel) icon, select Privacy and Security followed by clicking on Edit comment settings. Alternatively, you can just point your web browser to Comments on Instagram
  3. In the settings screen that appears, you will be able to add the words or phrases that should be banned from the comments, that is, any comments containing these words will be hidden from everyone. Furthermore, you will be able to hide any inappropriate comments – this will hide all the comments containing offensive or vulgar words.

After making these changes, you will not see the usual trolls posting very rude, hateful and offensive comments on your Instagram posts. Whenever someone tries to slip under the filters by posting a new offensive word, you can report the comment and include this new bad word in the filter settings using the same steps as mentioned above. This will hide even those comments from appearing that the trolls have reshuffled in an attempt to beat the filters.