LaunchBox Brings All Your Games Under One Roof

LaunchBox is gamers’ dream come true – it is a portable application that can store the information about all of your games and even launch them from one place. Unlike some other similar software, LaunchBox can be used for creating a database of all types of games including old DOS games, Windows PC games, Nintendo games, Sega games, Wii games. Furthermore, it can be integrated with your Steam account so that it can fetch information directly from your games library.

As you can guess from the name, LaunchBox was originally created as a front-end for DOSBox in order to make life easy when you are trying to run an old game from the 90s. But now it has support for many many more emulators making it possible for you to play games for Nintendo, Sega or Wii on your Windows PC. It comes bundled with all the emulators and other files needed for you to play these games. However, it does not provide the old games or game ROMs – these you must obtain from some other legal source.


For using LaunchBox, you will have to add all your games to the LaunchBox library. Fortunately, it makes everything so easy that you can add all of your games using just a few clicks. It can fetch the game information, game images, description and box images etc from the internet. The only step that can take a little time is when you have to locate the game folder and files.

The best part of LaunchBox is that it provides you with all the pre-prepared setup for all the known working emulators so that you do not have to waste your weekend researching about how to use those emulators in order to play that really old game from 1985. You can just point LaunchBox to the game files, create an entry and the rest is handled by LaunchBox. And if you are stuck, it provides you with help through community forums and how-to videos.

You can download LaunchBox from