Microsoft Windows Defender Available As Chrome Browser Extension

Microsoft’s own home-grown antivirus security solution Windows Defender is slowly becoming more and more powerful. It started out as a simple security solution that could work alongside one of the mainstream antivirus solutions. But in the newer Windows 10 versions it has evolved into a full fledged antivirus solution that can replace any other security software from vendors like Symantec or Kaspersky.

And now they have released a web browser extension for the popular Google Chrome web browser. This Microsoft Windows Defender extension for Google Chrome protects you from malicious and phishing websites. After you have installed this extension in your Chrome web browser, it will show up as an icon in the browser toolbar. Clicking on this icon, you can toggle the web page monitoring on or off to detect the phishing and malicious links. This is the only option or setting available to the Chrome users.

Microsoft Windows Defender for Chrome

In the background, this extension works non-stop always monitoring the links and webpages that could be linked to phishing websites that pretend to be known websites while trying to steal your online credentials or the malicious websites that result in drive-by-download malware infecting your system. It uses two methods to find the malicious or phishing sites – it uses a long list of domains to check for known good websites and it contacts the Microsoft servers for verification of a domain.

While the Microsoft Windows Defender extension for Chrome does provide some protection from malicious or phishing websites, it is by no means a full security solution. In order to protect your computer from all sorts of malware and other threats you should install a good antivirus solution in your computer. It could be Windows Defender or a third party solution like Avast Antivirus, Avira Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, Panda Antivirus or some other security solution from a reputed vendor.

You can get the Microsoft Windows Defender extension from