TinyTake Captures Images & Videos with Support for Webcam Capture

TinyTake is a not just another screenshot program that can take screenshots of your computer screen or parts of it. It is a comprehensive tool that offers screen capture, webcam capture and video recording along with features like editing the images or videos and uploading them to Youtube. It even comes with a free 2GB cloud storage account where you can store all of your images and videos, share them with others and manage them from any device.

TinyTake has a very beautifully designed modern user interface. Upon installation, it places an icon in the system tray from where you can access all the various capture functions – capture full-screen, capture region, capture window, capture image from webcam, record video from screen, record video from webcam, share files, upload files to cloud and more.


The main TinyTake window has a drag-n-drop feature so that you can drop images on its window and they are auto-uploaded to your cloud storage account. You can access all the functions from this window as well – capturing images, recording videos, uploading files to cloud storage and managing your Youtube account.


It comes with a feature-rich image editor that can be used to annotate your captured images. It has all the usual tools at your disposal – drawing arrows, lines, boxes, circles, cropping the image, adding a text box, pixelate to hide parts of image and more. The edited images can be uploading to the cloud storage, or saved to your local hard drive.


TinyTake is being offered in many different plans – the basic plan is absolutely free for personal use. But you can unlock many more features by using a paid plan. For example, the paid plans have a larger cloud storage, longer video recording, and video editing features.

All in all, TinyTake is a great screen capture and video recording tool. It can capture images and videos both from your screen and from your webcam. If you are a budding Youtuber, then perhaps you will fall in love with this software.

You can download TinyTake from https://tinytake.com/.