Opera VPN for Android is Closing Down – What to Do?

A couple of years ago when Opera launched a free and unlimited VPN service for Android and iOS, it was a sensational news for all the Android and iPhone users. But after roughly two years of existence, they have decided to shut down the Opera VPN app for Android devices and iPhone. On their official website, Opera posted a picture of Olaf (the funny Viking mascot for Opera VPN) with a sad face and drooping shoulders. Underneath the long face of Olaf, they have mentioned that Opera VPN app will be permanently discontinued starting April 30th, 2018.

Opera has mentioned that people can choose to get the subscription for the SurfEasy VPN service which has many pricing plans. The basic plan for SurfEasy VPN is free but limits the data usage to only 500 MB per month. But the unlimited data plans start from $3.99 per month for the annual subscription package. A good thing about SurfEasy VPN is that it is owned by Opera and uses the same infrastructure as Opera VPN.

Opera VPN Closing Down

But you are not limited to use SurfEasy if you are on Android or iOS platforms. You can get many more apps that are equally as good as Opera VPN. For example, the VPN service provided by F-Secure (a well-known name in the computer security solutions) called F-Secure Freedome is offering free and unlimited VPN service and it works on both Android and iPhone.

Creators of the popular Avast antivirus are also offering VPN Proxy app for Android devices called Avast SecureLine VPN. This is essentially a free and unlimited VPN service for your Android devices. It is supported by ads but they are completely unobtrusive and should not bother you.

Hotspot Shield VPN is also an ad-supported VPN service for both Android and iOS. Like the other VPN apps mentioned before it, Hotspot Shield is also unlimited and free for personal use. They do have many different versions of the VPN service to cater the needs of different groups of people – some of them are free while others are paid premium services.