App Freezer : Stop Apps in Android and Make Battery Last Longer

When you buy a new smartphone, it usually comes with a few of the unsolicited apps that you did not really ask for but they were forced on your device nonetheless. Some of these apps are not really useful and keep running in the background even when you close them. They consume system resources, they use internet bandwidth and they also drain the battery. Such nuisance apps can either be completely uninstalled, disabled or frozen.

An Android app called App Freezer can safely “freeze” some of your apps so they do not waste your battery charge. Whenever you want to use these apps, you can use them. What it means by freezing the apps is that it temporarily closes the apps from running in the background. But it does not remove them from your device. Freezing an app is somewhere in the middle of removing it and closing it.

By freezing all of system resource hogs, App Freezer can make your battery charge last longer per cycle. In other words, it helps you get more power from your smartphone by freezing such apps instantly. While other similar apps require you to have root access, App Freezer does not require your device to be rooted. All it wants that you enable the accessibility access.

App Freezer

App Freezer analyzes your apps running on your device and then shows them in a nice alphabetical list. If you want to freeze any of these individual apps, you must select them. A small ice crystal symbol will be displayed and you can freeze the selected apps by tapping on this icon. If you accidentally flag an entry, tapping it again will undo the action. If you want to permanently exclude programs from this list, such as antivirus apps then you can add those apps in a whitelist.

App Freezer is definitely a useful app for ensuring a long-lasting battery life and keeping those rarely used apps from running in the background all the time.

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