StopUpdates10 : Tool to Stop Windows 10 Updates

When Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be delivered free for all the Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 users, it was a news received with great applause and jubilation. But after the initial update, Microsoft started pushing new and frequent Windows 10 updates often resulting in boot loops, hardware issues and sometimes the dreaded blue screen of death. If you do not want to get up from your desk to get a cup of coffee only to find Windows 10 update rebooting your PC and installing them when you come back, you can disable the automatic Windows 10 updates.

We have already posted about how easy it is to quickly enable or disable the Windows automatic updates in Windows 10 using a number of methods. But now you can also use a simple to use tool called StopUpdates10 to stop Windows from automatically downloading the updates.

Stop Updates 10

StopUpdates10 has a minimal but informative interface. You can read everything what this tool does right from inside the GUI. Basically this tool can disable the automatic Windows updates, forced Windows updates, and the annoying updates notifications. In order to make all these changes, all you have to do is click on the Stop Windows Updates! button. Anytime later, if you want to restore all the automatic update features, you can click on the Restore button and it will remove all the changes made to your system.

According to the developer of this tool, the older methods of stopping the Windows updates are not working and this is why this tool was created. This tool works by creating some of the Group Policy rules to block automatic and forced updates. It goes further and blocks some processes from being executed so that Windows cannot restart the automatic updates on its own by ignoring all the policy rules and many other settings.

You can download StopUpdates10 from