UVLens App Helps You Protect from Harmful UV Rays

Sun is the source of all forms of life on this planet. Life cannot exist without the sunlight. But this sunlight also contains ultraviolet (UV) rays that are considered harmful for the human beings. UV radiation increases during the summer season. Exposure to this strong UV radiation can result in darkening of your skin, can cause sunburns and can even increase the risk of skin cancer. If you are concerned about when and how you should protect yourself from the UV rays coming from the Sun during the summer time then you can use the free UVLens app for Android and iPhone.

UVLens app can display the level of UV radiation in your location at the current time. It fetches your current geo-location using the GPS feature of your phone and then displays the UV radiation threat for your location. You can also set the location manually if your phone does not have GPS or it is not locating you correctly. You can also view the forecast of possible UV radiation for next tomorrow and even for various hours during the day. It even displays the levels for the night time but in most of the places on this planet, the UV radiation at night time is non-existent.


One of the interesting features of the app is called “My Skin” using which you can find out how much you will be affected by a certain level of UV radiation. You can set your profile by selecting your skin color, eyes color, and the hair color. After this, it will tell you whether you are safe or if you need protection. It even tells you the strength of SPF lotion you will need to protect yourself from the UV radiation.


UVLens is a must-to-have app for people living in very hot regions of the world. This app can inform you of the dangerous levels of UV radiation coming from the Sun. It even tells you the SPF strength for the lotion that you would need for a specific time of the day.

You can get the UVLens app for Android or iPhone from https://www.uvlens.com/.