Never Miss Any News Story with CatchUp for Android

CatchUp app for Android is a new app that presents you with the leading stories from a number of various online news portals or services. It is essentially a news aggregator but presents the news stories in the same format as they were intended on the original sources. For example, it shows the news from Yahoo network in the way it was published on Yahoo news and new stories from Reddit in a Reddit themed manner. But at the same time, all the news is presented in an at-a-glace user interface which saves your time and allows you to catch up with the latest “hot and happening” in only a few seconds.

By default, the CatchUp app displays stories fetched from Yahoo Hacker News, Reddit, Medium, Product Hunt, Slashdot, Designer News, Dribble, and GitHub. But you can enable or disable them from the app settings. According to the developer, all the stories displayed will be shown in an explicitly un-comprehensive style and just deep link into one of those dedicated apps accordingly if the user wants to deep dive. This means that if you want to check out one of these interesting stories or articles, then you will be taken to the respective apps. This ensures that you can interact with the latest news, stories, and articles in the manner the services intended you to.


In the CatchUp settings, you can toggle smart linking which opens the dedicated app for a service if it is installed on your device or opens the link in the web browser. You can configure the services that you want to fetch the news stories from. You can clear the app cache and reorder the services if you want.


CatchUp can save your time if you want to catch up on the latest happenings in the tech world. At the moment there is no way to add new services or sources of the news stories, but perhaps in the future, we will see many more services and options to add them.

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