Was Your Facebook Info Shared with Cambridge Analytica? How to Check

Recently Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was questioned by many senators in the US about the sharing of the personal information of Facebook users with a third-party data analytics and research company called Cambridge Analytica. It is rumored that they wanted to use information during the US presidential elections of the year 2016.

Mark Zuckerberg has publicly apologized for the mishandling of the user information and is now taking steps to set the things straight. As such, Facebook is now sending notifications to all the users who were affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. If you do not want to wait for these notifications, then you can hurry up and use the specially designed webpage to check whether your Facebook account information was shared with Cambridge Analytica. Here is how:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account in your favorite web browser. This can be done on any web browser on any type of device – desktop PC, notebook or on your smartphone.
  2. After logging in to your Facebook account, visit https://www.facebook.com/help/yourinfo.
  3. If your Facebook account information has been shared with Cambridge Analytica then you will see a message to the effect.Facebook Cambridge Analytica

If your account information was not shared with Cambridge Analytica then you are fine and you can go about your everyday activity as usual. But if you find out that your information was shared with Cambridge Analytica then the obvious question that comes next is what to do now? Many experts have suggested that you put remove all the app access from your Facebook account and then put your account on hold until further development.

In order to view all the apps that have access to your Facebook account and manage them, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/app_settings_list. From here you can enable or disable the app access as well as revoke the app access as required.