Fab’s AutoBackup : Backup Files Before Reinstalling Windows or Migrating to New PC

Whenever you reinstall Windows because of one or other reason, you have to carefully backup all of your files – your personal files, files in the download folder, files in the user profile folder, files from the desktop, web browser bookmarks, web browser settings, email client settings, and many more files that you might easily forget about. But if you do not want to leave some important files while reinstalling Windows or when choosing to migrate to a new computer, then you may want to use Fab’s AutoBackup software.

Fab’s AutoBackup can select all the files from the personal profile folder, public folders, web browser settings, email client settings, and many more important files for the backup. It can also be customized to include or exclude files as you wish. You can even make it include some of the custom files with the backup.

Fab's AutoBackup

The software uses a very straightforward approach. As you launch the software, it shows only two options – to backup data and to restore data. The developers were right in thinking that there is no description necessary for these options. If you choose to backup your data, then it displays you a comprehensive set of options and allows you to choose which of the files and which of the settings are to be saved in the backup. The backup is not password protected therefore you should either delete these backups after restoring files from them or use an archiving tool like 7-Zip or WinRAR to password protect them.

The restore data option is even simpler than the backup process. You simply have to select the backup file, choose a user profile, pick the files from the backup to restore and it will do the rest. Everything is done very smoothly and you end up having the same files, settings and even the same desktop wallpaper after the restore.

Fab's AutoBackup

Fab’s AutoBackup is a no-nonsense software to backup and to restore all of your personal and other files before reinstalling Windows or when moving over to a new computer. The trial version does have some limitations about how many files can be backed up, but you can pay for the license and get these limitations removed.

You can download Fab’s AutoBackup from https://www.fpnet.fr/?page=index&lang=en.


  1. I can’t do any backup, the system completely collapsed. I have tried to recover and go back to windows 7, and now it says there is no restore point
    that had been created. All i get are those advance options that i have tried all. Microsoft says i need to download on a USB flash drive a program name
    re-bootable media. Which I’ve done and tried. No success. I have a repair disk that i had created, I don’t know how to use it. 3 days i work on it.
    Thank you for your suggestions. My Ultimate goal is to go back to windows 7. I can’t stand Cortana. A Robot created from the East getting all my personal info’s ! What’s next? Plus all those 3d drives, taking too much space on my drive, I had just a short space to navigate. I am not the one who will get a 3d printer to fabricate statues. And Microsoft told me today that soon windows 7 will be out of service. the same as they did with XP. Changes are going too fast. I can’t follow. I need a hand be at least able to use the laptop offline. Planning to close all contacts with internet and close all accounts. Thank you to read me.

      1. My issue is not about making a backup. I did that. My files are on an external drive. I had upgraded to windows 10 when it was first offer. was on it for 3 years average. was trying to understand it. until came to observe they (Microsoft) kept to download more drives than i need. was trying to downgrade back to windows 7. did few recovery. at the same time windows was making updates. the PC could not take all that and collapsed. there is since a long time no more offer to downgrade to windows 7. would be too simple for me to understand. I am no stupid. windows said my laptop doesn’t have enough GB to take windows10. wrong. he rolled during 3 years! but they keep adding. now he is at the point all i have available are the six offers for recovery. I’ve tried them all. went on command prompt, attempted to make a scannow, he can’t. attempted all i could, no results. i had found your info concerning blocking windows to download drives, tell them to ask me before, so i did. so from there the PC was unable to receive the drive for windows 7. i made a correction. at the same time windows attempted to download their drives. it was a real time running who was going to pass the drive first on the PC. windows don’t want us to downgrade. they want the ultimate power over the entire planet. do you get it? i had as well install your clean up program. it was for me more to stop the power that cortana had on taking my info. i had deactivated her, but she kept taking info. thank you for the clean up program. windows of course offered me to sale me a stronger laptop delivered to my home. At what cost? You answer that one. Lucie

        1. If you want to take some risk, you can reinstall Windows 7 in your PC. For this you will need Windows 7 DVD, and drivers for your computer. You can download Windows 7 ISO (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7) and make a bootable pendrive to install it (using http://rufus.akeo.ie/). You can download drivers from your laptop manufacturer’s website (search for model name on their website and look under support). But if you have never installed Windows before, then you might have some trouble.

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