Autodesk SketchBook is Now Absolutely Free for Everyone

Autodesk has announced that their popular painting and sketching software SketchBook will now be free for everyone. Until now, this software was available only through annual subscription of $85  or a monthly subscription of $10. But they have cancelled the subscription based model starting from this month. Now anyone can download and use it as they want for any length of time.

Who should use SketchBook?

SketchBook is a very high quality, feature rich, versatile and yet very easy to use painting and drawing software. It works across all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It works better if you have a touch screen tablet device because you can use stylus like a paintbrush and create much smoother strokes in your drawings. It can be used by architects, illustrators, designers, artists, cartoonists, animators, engineers etc.

Autodesk SketchBook

Already paid for subscription?

If you have already paid for a subscription fee for using SketchBook, then you no longer have to pay any subscription fees in the future. They won’t refund you, but you will be able to keep using SketchBook for free from now on. For this, you will have to re-download and re-install SketchBook in your device since the new modified version works without subscription.

Never used SketchBook before?

If you want to claim your free copy of SketchBook, then all you have to do is create an Autodesk account (which is free by the way), download SketchBook, install it in your device and login using your Autodesk account credentials. It won’t ask for any subscription and you will be able to use it infinitely.

What is NOT free?

Not everything is free even when the main software SketchBook has become free. If you want to use it in your business or organization, then you can get the Enterprise edition which is not free. The benefits of Enterprise edition has special features to support cross-product functionality for several of the Autodesk products.

You can download Autodesk SketchBook from