Labrys Start Menu : Fast Start Menu Replacement for Windows

Start Menu in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are nothing compared to what Start Menu used to be in Windows 7 and earlier versions. This is why many people prefer to use third-party Start Menu replacement software in Windows 10. We have posted about Classic Shell and Power8 before, but there is also another Start Menu replacement called Labrys that does not try to imitate the previous versions of Start Menu from Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Labrys not only replaces Start Menu in Windows 10, but it also replaces the Run dialog (the thing that pops up when you press the hotkey Win+R). As soon as you launch it, it overtakes the Start Menu operation. Now when you click on the Start Menu button, the Labrys menu shows up. If you press the Win+R hotkey, Labrys command launcher opens up instead of the Run dialog.

Labrys Start Menu

Labrys Start Menu is unlike any other Start Menu replacement programs. In fact, it uses some elements from the Android Nougat launcher – it lists all the apps alphabetically and you can click on the alphabet letters to auto-scroll to the programs starting with that letter. You can simply click on these programs to launch them, as usually you would do in the Start Menu.

On top of the list of installed programs, you will see a simple command window where you can type any command recognized by your Windows PC. For example, you can type “notepad” and press Enter to launch Windows Notepad or type “calc” to open Windows Calculator app and so on. Unfortunately, it is not as powerful as the original Run dialog. For example, you can type “” in the Windows Run dialog to launch this website in your default web browser, but it is not possible with Labrys.

Conclusion: Labrys is a Start Menu with a simple and easy design. If you are tired of complicated looking Windows Start Menu, then you can use Labrys Start Menu. It provides you easy access to all the installed software and comes with a command launcher too.

You can download Labrys Start Menu from