Coollector : Manage Your Collection of Movies

We all start watching movies in our childhood and keep watching new movies every year. Having watched so many movies, sometimes we get confused whether we have already watched a movie being shown on TV or not. If you don’t want to watch the same movie multiple times only to realize that you have already watched it before, then you should create a database of movies that you have watched. For this, you can use a specialized software like Coollector.

Coollector is an extremely comprehensive movie database that lets you manage your own collection of movies and TV shows. It comes with a database of over 70,000 movies that you can search and find all the details about them. You can create your own database of the movies that you have watched before or you are planning to watch in the future. You can also find recommendations based on your likes and dislikes.


Coollector lets you manage your own movies, whether on the shelf or on the hard disk. For this, you can search the “movie encyclopedia” which contains movies, TV shows and series. Here you can use a number of filters at your convenience to perform searches. When you find the movie or show that you own on disk, you can add it to the “owned” category. The owned videos category includes CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, or Blu-rays that you own. Not many people have VHS tapes, but it is nice to see the option for them.

The software can also search your PC for video files and lets you add them in the Coollector database. This way your database always stays up to date. However the software is not completely free – it displays advertisements for 30 seconds when you launch it. After the initial 30 seconds, you can use the program as usual without any problems.

You can download Coollector from