Emoji Scavenger Hunt : New AI Game from Google

Google has released a new experimental artificial intelligence based game for everyone. The game is called Emoji Scavenger Hunt and you simply have to find various emojis by looking at objects around you through the camera. The game is a browser web app and therefore works on all the devices that have some sort of camera, for example, smartphones, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers with a webcam attached. But as you can expect and as suggested by Google, it works best with smartphones.

This browser game uses various technologies and tools developed by Google. Immediately after you tap on Let’s Play button a countdown begins, then an emoji is shown and you have to capture the exactly same emoji using your camera. Just pointing the camera towards the emoji will register it and display a “thumbs up” to indicate that you successfully found the emoji. In the beginning, you are giving only 20 seconds to find the emoji. The more of the items you find, the more time the game will give you for the next item. All the while there is a pre-recorded voice that keeps asking “Did I see emoji?” which could be a little annoying if you are in a public place.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

This is just an experiment to test the artificial intelligence developed by Google developers. So it might not be able to recognize everything you point your camera to. For example, if it is asking for bandaid emoji and does not identify when you point the camera to the bandaid on someone’s arm, then it is not the problem with your camera or object, but it is rather problem at Google servers. According to some experts, they are going to use the data collected through this experiment to refine the AI technology and make it much more efficient.

You can play Emoji Scavenger Hunt by visiting https://emojiscavengerhunt.withgoogle.com/.