Utomik : Play Hundreds of Games for Small Monthly Subscription

Utomik is a new online game subscription service that offers hundreds of popular games for a very small monthly subscription. At the moment, they are offering 750 games for a monthly subscription of $6.99. According to Utomik, they have added 20 new games only last month and will continue adding more and more games. These library include very popular games like Unreal Tourament, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Asylum, Saints Row, Metro 2033 and many more. Full list of all the games is available on the Utomik website.

Utomik is Netflix of games

This low cost subscription based model is ideal for people who want to get the most of their money. There are so many games that perhaps you won’t be able to play them all even if you play a new game every day. People have already started comparing Utomik to Netflix saying that Utomik is to games what Netflix is to movies. But Netflix produces its own shows and movies, while Utomik is entirely dependent on the games published by others.


Might not get all the latest games

While you get hundreds of games in just $6.99 per month, you might not be able to get that latest and newest game that is being advertised everywhere. In other words, you will be playing some 2-3 years old games while your friends will be boasting about playing the game that was released a week ago. In order to play the newest games that your friends are playing and talking about, you will have to go back to other digital game distribution platforms like Steam and Origin.

Supports only Windows PC

According to Utomik website, it is not supported on Mac or Linux. It is available only for Windows PC users. This is because not many games are available for Mac. And they do not have a future plan to support Mac. This is very disappointing for the Mac users but since Utomik was launched only a few days ago, perhaps they will add support for Mac if they see some success.

Start playing games without waiting for download to complete

Utomik has a unique technology that offers instant game play without installing the full game. This way you can start playing the game after download a small part of the full game – the rest of the game continues to download in the background. You no longer have to wait for the download, installation, and patches to complete before playing.

Not good for playing only a few games

Utomik is definitely going to be popular among the gamers who want to try many games before finding the one they really love. But the monthly subscription based model could become very expensive you want to play only a few games because it does not allow you to play games without an active subscription.

You can visit Utomik at https://www.utomik.com/.