GOG is Giving Away Classic PC Game – Unreal Gold

We all have played the Unreal Tournament – the game that received multiple awards and acclaim from the gamers worldwide and went on to become the game of the year in 1999. GT Interactive later added more levels and maps before releasing the GOTY edition of Unreal Tournament. But many of us may not know that it was actually a spin-off of another game called Unreal Gold. Many games of the Unreal series have been released since then. Epic Games is going to release another game of the “Unreal” series in the near future (possibly in early 2019).

If you want to understand the complete story-line of the “Unreal” games, then you must start where it all began – with Unreal Gold in 1998. And you are in luck as GOG is giving away Unreal Gold for free for next 36 hours. You can simply search for “Unreal Gold” either in the GOG client in your computer or on the GOG website and claim it for free.

Unreal Gold Game

Unreal Gold has a very interesting story. You were traveling by a spaceship (a prison ship) to a planet where you had to transfer the prisoners. Your spaceship crash landed on an unknown planet that is inhabited by people who are now enslaved by an alien race. You have to find out your way around on this planet and reveal the secret about why a peaceful race was enslaved by vicious and merciless aliens.

The game has both single player and multi-player modes. There are 47 single player missions and 20 multi-player levels with five different types of games. Loaded with all the weapons and quick moving enemies, you are all set for hours of fun.

As far as the system requirements are concerned, you do not really have to worry about this game that was released almost 20 years ago. Your modern PC will be able to run this game at the maximum possible graphics and audio settings without any problem at all.

You can also follow this link directly to claim the giveaway: https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_gold.

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