ProtonVPN : Free VPN for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android

A VPN has become a necessity for many of us because they provide a secure connection for all the apps, web browsers and programs. Even if a website is not using a secure connection, a good secure VPN ensures that your information is transferred over a secure connection for the most part. Furthermore, a VPN can anonymize your everyday internet activity making it virtually impossible for someone to track your website usage.

If you are looking for a good VPN, you should make sure that its servers are located in a country that respects personal privacy like Switzerland. This is why ProtonVPN is an ideal choice for all the security and privacy-conscious people all over the world as it is located in Switzerland. As if that is not enough, they offer unlimited VPN service for free. They also have other pricing plans with much more offers added to the basic VPN service like the secure core technology that hides your real IP address even from the VPN servers, number of devices, extra speed and number of countries that you can choose from. The paid plans also have TOR proxy built inside for your use.


Unlike the client software of some other VPN providers, ProtonVPN shows you an actual map of the world with the location of all the servers. On this map, you can see how your computer is transferring the internet traffic through the VPN server. You can also see how the traffic is routed when you turn on the Secure Core technology in the ProtonVPN client.

ProtonVPN client also allows you to make use of VPN profiles. You can create a VPN connection profile for a particular activity. For example, one profile for accessing work computers, one profile for watching movies on Netflix, one profile for online shopping, one for the fastest possible server and so on.


ProtonVPN can be installed on any of your devices, but the free account can be used only on one device. If you want to use it on a number of your devices, then you can get the basic, plus or the visionary account. With the paid accounts, you also get a boost in the VPN server speed and a larger number of choices for the VPN servers located in many different countries.

You can get a free ProtonVPN account from


  1. Hey, I am a student and getting a subscription is out of my pocket, any suggestions for free VPNs? I have found AtlasVPN, works on my iOS device, but is there something I may not be aware of?

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