How to Install Stock ROM in Any Alcatel Smartphone

Alcatel smartphones are the choice of the people who want affordable and yet powerful Android smartphones. They are designed in the European Union countries but are manufactured by TCL in China. Unlike some other manufacturers who make it very complicated to download and flash the stock ROM for your mobile phones, Alcatel makes it very easy for everyone to flash the latest stock ROM available for your model of Alcatel smartphone.

This is possible through the use of Alcatel Mobile Upgrade Software. This software can be downloaded from any official Alcatel website for your region, but you should download it from the link provided under the Alcatel smartphone model for your phone. For example, for the Alcatel U5 HD mobile phone, you can download the software from

Alcatel Mobile Upgrade

The same software can be used for upgrading many different models of Alcatel smartphones. This is why when you start the software, you have to select the model number of your mobile phone. After this you are given a warning to charge the battery to 100% before proceeding and that the software will format the device memory so you should backup all of your personal data before proceeding.

Alcatel Mobile Upgrade

You should power off the phone after charging it to 100%.  As you connect your mobile phone to your PC via a USB data cable, the software gathers some data from your mobile phone and then check for the latest ROM available for it online. The download could take a long time depending on your internet connection as the downloaded ROMs are usually more than 1 GB in file size. After the installation of the new ROM is complete, the phone can be powered on once again and you will see Android upgrading informational message on your screen.

This software is great if you have made a mess of your Alcatel smartphone and need to fix the problems by flashing the stock ROM once again.