Choose Search Box Style in Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers available today. In the latest release version of the web browser (version 60), it adds some new features like the ability of choosing how you can search for things online using a default search engine. Now you can choose if you want to search from the address bar itself, or if you would like to have a separate search box in the browser.

Here is how you can make the changes and choose the search box style in the Mozilla Firefox web browser:

  1. Launch Firefox browser. Click on the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Options from the menu.
  2. Select Search from the left side list of categories (General, Search, Privacy etc).
  3. Here you can select whether you want to Use the address bar for search and navigation or if you want to Add search bar in toolbar.Search Box in Mozilla Firefox
  4. You will be able to see the changes take effect immediately.

There is no difference between the two as far as the functionality is concerned – they both search using the same search engines. As you type in the words to search for, the searched terms are displayed using the default search engine along with a list of other installed search engines. You can choose to select these other search engines to fetch the search results using them.

The only difference between these two types of the search is purely aesthetic. You want to separate your web addresses with the search boxes because you were in the habit of doing so for many years or even decades, then you can choose a separate search box. Otherwise, you can choose to integrate both of them into one big bar and use it for entering the web addresses as well as for searching various things online.